I help visionary social justice organizations
    make the impossible possible.



  • Do you have bold, beautiful and radical dreams but limited resources?
    Are you brilliant at what you do, but in need of help building a sustainable foundation and getting to the next level?


    Telling your story about the struggle for justice and the new world you want to build, creating high-impact campaigns and distributed activist networks, and acquiring committed grassroots donors is hard work, especially in this political and economic environment. That's where I can help.


    I'm the senior level communications/development director you don't yet have. The cool-headed digital-savvy pro who has spent decades helping to build organizations and social movements, and who can provide strategic insights, mentor staff, help you acquire and upgrade donor-activists, and build infrastructure—and even make it fun.




    Cecilie single-handedly restored my faith in movement building.
    -- Madeline Stanionis, Principal + Creative Director, M&R



  • — WHAT I DO —


    Explainer animation

    Concept and creation: over 2 million views in multiple languages.

    Engagement + influencer campaign

    The Nation magazine called Gaza Names the most impactful video of 2014.

    Digital, print and major donor fundraising

    Acquisition, retention, upgrades, infrastructure.


    Led staff teams on research, logo design and website revision.

    Thought leadership

    Portland State University: settler colonialism and white supremacy.

    Training and mentoring

    Political messaging, narrative and political change.

    Campaign strategy + implementation

    Gamechanging direct action: global media, op-eds in 100 + outlets.

    Digital advocacy campaigns

    Video + campaign: Israeli teenaged conscientious objectors. 65k + list growth.


    Op-ed: Salon Magazine,

    Social media

    Video concept and creation: 400k + views.


    People, stories and relationships drive social movements, not technology. But tech tools can help us scale up and build powerful distributed networks that Iead change, introduce new ideas, and transform power.

    When it comes to communication that mobilizes, I love to get geeky about lots of things, from neoliberal capitalism and the nonprofit industrial complex to distributed networks, theories of political persuasion and even SEO optimization and analytics — but I believe firmly in organizational communication that translates concepts into human terms. That means being conversational, visual, story-driven, and infusing language with the deep values that animate our work.


    At the end of the day, we're all individuals who aspire to something greater than ourselves. We want meaning, purpose, and belonging— and to make a more just world. That's why everything organizations do should drive greater meaningful connection so we can generate powerful change together.

    This, in my experience, is core to building movements that build power by crossing lines of division. And also... laughing. Whenever humanly possible.


  • Creative, brilliant, completely committed....a special leader, and just a wonderful person to work with.

    — Rebecca Vilkomerson, Jewish Voice for Peace

  • — MEDIA —

    You might have seen my work in


    I always think about Jewish Voice for Peace as one of my models as one of the most strategic organizations around. Cecilie is a huge part of why. I stand in awe.--- Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies


  • Cecilie is brilliant, experienced and has such a strong commitment to justice. She’s a remarkably warm leader and always offered the right tools to help me increase my effectiveness in fundraising and communications. — Valine Brown, K'aawas Eagle clan of the Haida nation, Indigenous Climate Action


  • How I Work

    Though I work on specific projects and campaigns, I mostly work on retainer with a few groups at a time, for a limited period of time. Our work should be fun, set you up for growth, increase your funding base, and leave your organization more powerful than when we started. Once you contact me, we'll have an exploratory conversation to see if it's a good match. I'll put together a proposal and will happily meet with your organization's leaders to answer questions.


    Gather Data

    We start by looking at everything—your print and digital materials, website analytics, social media metrics, email open-rates etc... And we work together to survey and/or hold 1:1 conversations with staff, supporters and members.


    Create a Roadmap

    Once the data is in, I work with you to create a multi-year plan to set you up for growth. It could include recommendations for an updated brand identity, new messaging guidelines, staff training, a more robust major donor or digital advocacy program.



    We work together to make the plan real. I might help you create new materials, brand identity or messaging guidelines; build a major donor program; train board and staff; or implement a new CRM. And if I don't have the answers, I'll find someone who does.

  • Cecilie transformed the way I think about and do fundraising, and her advice never failed us!

    — Angela Rashid-Campion , Palestine Legal

  • — LOVE —

    I'll never forget how grateful I was when I called you because eleven Muslim students in Irvine were to face criminal charges for protesting about Palestine. Your "can do" attitude made me feel like we had the power to succeed. Your work on that campaign led to some of the most amazing solidarity between Muslims and Jews in our movement.
    You are the kind of organizer who understands that success comes from building others up and building teams that last.

    Rachel Roberts, Civil Rights Attorney


    You can get crippled old men to throw away their crutches and dance, get repressed bureaucrats to put down their dossiers and sing operatic arias... Some of the proudest moments of my life have occurred when you focused your extraordinary powers in my direction and got me to do things that I never could have dreamed I would do.

    Wallace Shawn, actor and playwright


    I've known Cecilie for more than 15 years. I've always admired how she creates a lasting relationship with her clients. She is gifted in writing, speaking, analyzing, visualizing, conceiving a project or continuing a project. She is a woman so well-read that she is able to anticipate what audiences need in your campaigns. I trust her values wholeheartedly and I know she delivers! You'll want her on your team once you meet her.

    Pilar Gonzales, former nonprofit CEO Changemakers and VP of Development for Global Fund for Women.

    Cecilie is incredibly knowledgeable about social media for non-profit organizations and health research projects. Her sophisticated understanding about reaching broad and segmented audiences with nuanced and strategic messaging is breathtaking. Even more impressive is her ability to relay the information in ways that are digestible for folks who are not already very familiar with social media. Gaining insight from Cecilie is such a worthwhile investment.

    Micah Lubinsky, PhD, The Pride Study


    Cecilie's creativity, knowledge, and deep sense of empathy helped our staff and board to align our collective voice to revamp our communications and reach new audiences.

    Karolo Aparicio, EcoViva

    Your enthusiasm is a mysticalpoliticalpassion of possibility...an instigator of courage

    Eve Ensler, playwright and activist

    Her creativity and voice have brought our appeals to a whole new level.

    Carla Jackson, ChangeLab Solutions

    The passion you bring to this work, and the brilliance and creativity of how you think about the role of communications in our advocacy, the stories we tell and how we touch people has been so inspiring and exciting to me.

    Naomi Dann, ACLU NY


    You have taught me so much about your craft but also, and even more critically in my life, you've taught me so much about how to be audacious and bold and powerful in my own.
    Stefanie Fox, JVP


    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all your amazing work…

    You have truly shifted our understanding of fundraising, and have been a great inspiration to all of us!

    Lam Nguyen Ho, CALA Chicago














    I was raised by artist parents, real-life Mad Men, in a working class and poor neighborhood in South Philadelphia rife with all the isms and—I kid you not—mob killings. I also went to some very fancy schools. The combination of those factors shaped me and how I think about race, gender, money, creativity, communication and power.


    My first organizing work was supporting a 560-mile farmworker march with Cesar Chavez and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) at age 16. In my early twenties, I co-hosted one of the country's first commercial LGBT talk radio shows and wrote an LGBT column for a Pulitzer-prize winning daily newspaper.


    I was the associate director of an organization that advocated for children in foster care and adoptive families, and chaired the communications committee of the Oakland-based anti-gentrification campaign, and now organization, Just Cause. I was one of the founders of V-Day's Bay Area Rising, an Oakland-based annual arts, spirituality and activism celebration that brings an intersectional lens to fighting gender oppression. My video work has been seen at film festivals throughout the world and NY's Museum of Modern Art, and I have trained close to a thousand activists and NGO staff. Today, I'm proud to be working with world-renowned filmmaker Pratibha Parmar.



    Thanks to a Ford Foundation human rights fellowship, I became the founding communications and later deputy director of a fledgling organization called Jewish Voice for Peace based here in the Bay Area. Using equal doses of chutzpah, creative storytelling, and technology, I helped build it into what is now a rad multi-million dollar national grassroots organization. Angela Davis said JVP was "emerging as one of the most important progressive organizations in the country.”


    Everyone thought we were unfundable because we believed in the radical notion of Palestinian equality -- so we raised money almost entirely through individual donations. That turned out to be a good thing. In fact, JVP was one of 16 organizations highlighted in a Haas Foundation major report by CompassPoint and Klein & Roth Consulting that "explore{d] how a select group of social change organizations are beating the odds to achieve breakthrough results in individual giving."


    I was lucky to be mentored by the very best organizers, digital campaigners and fundraisers, and from the beginning, was able to generate larger social media, email, donor and Youtube numbers than other groups with much bigger budgets.


    A few years ago I stepped down after 13 years to enter a new phase of my movement leadership work. I am incredibly excited to work with people who are fearless about upending the status quo; passionate about fighting economic, racial and gender injustice; and committed to building communities of care for the planet and each other.

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